Wistful & Wishful
Wistful & Wishful
Hello. My name is Camille, I am nineteen years old and live the grand city of Toronto. I spend my days singing, dancing, and writing. U19 Eastern Canadian Region Irish dancer.
In Our Prime - The Black Keys

Pour me down the drain, I disappear,
Like every honest thing I used to hear.

Like every lover hovers in my mind,
We made our mark when we were in our prime.
The house had burned, but nothing there was mine,
We had it all when we were in our prime.

Every now and then, I see a face from way back when and I explode.
Friends no longer aid me, only bullshit serenade me like it’s gold, how that we’re told.
I’m praying for some laughter, maybe joy for ever after till I die.
I’m hungry for a change, I got my fill of other’s pain, I realized,
Opened my eyes.

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