Wistful & Wishful
Wistful & Wishful
Hello. My name is Camille, I am nineteen years old and live the grand city of Toronto. I spend my days singing, dancing, and writing. U19 Eastern Canadian Region Irish dancer.
"Failure to Launch"

You can’t lose at something that you haven’t even started yet, you can’t gamble all your money away if you haven’t even laid your cards on the table yet.

Try. Take chances. Get confused. Make mistakes. Screw up. Swerve left. Arrive late. Leave early. Blubber through. Forget your notes. Whether you’re 18 or 40, there is a part, somewhere deep down, buried by fear and frustration, that wants more.

The so-so life isn’t always going to cut it and just skating through won’t always be satisfying. At some point, whether you let yourself believe it or not, you’re going to need more.

There’ll be a grumble, deep inside you, a low rhythmic moan that slowly, but steadily rises, searching for something to feed it, to dull the ache, to quiet the whispers.

Do yourself a favor and start feeding it now. Take little steps. Start small, but have faith that you’ll grow.


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